Quality work at an AFFORDABLE PRICE!

              24 years experience serving South Florida
                                                              Licensed & Insured

Call us at 954-842-0681

Why Reglaze?

Time and money. When it comes down to restoring your kitchen and/or tub, reglazing is the quickest and most affordable quality service you can get today. At a fraction of the cost of replacing, we transform your existing kitchen and/or tub back to its glory days of new. 

The Process

With experience of over 20 years in the business of reglazing, we have come up with the best methods and solutions to ensure each and every one of our customers gets a durable product. We leave it up to science and its molecular bonding to fuse the surface of your pre existing tub/tile/cabinet with our revolutionary coatings.


Along with our Services comes a five-year warranty. 

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